Build More Profitable Revenue Streams, Faster.

Our Sherpas Expand Your Market Footprint.         

Now, you can have more profitable revenue streams, faster.

A business expansion agency, using cross-functional teams and processes, reALIGN focuses on innovation and execution. 

reALIGN's dual focus expands your market footprint℠.

The reALIGN Strategic Expansion solution is actionable, faster than organic growth, with lower expense and risk compared to inorganic acquisition solutions. Our product- and distribution-growth executives, merchants and marketers, distribution operators, and designers bring over 120 years of global brand, manufacturing, and supply-chain experience to work with mid-sized businesses, adding millions of dollars in shareholder value for our clients' companies since 2009.

Innovative product ideas don't come from a binder on a shelf. Strategic Expansion delivers both innovation and execution. Effective processes reduce cost and improve revenues. Successful projects make it to market. 

Your expansion is strategic, cost-efficient, and sustainable. This type of market expansion crafts thriving new businesses that will fit perfectly inside your company. Product launches, market expansions, and process improvements grow business faster and cheaper. It's the lower risk solution to expand market footprint.

Why the name (re)ALIGN? 

We want to win your "hearts and minds" - and help you with your customers, employees, and supplier partners. We want to align the head and the heart of your business. We find too often our competitors miss the mark with their clients. Some excel at the mechanics. Others understand how people behave and feel. We know if you want to succeed in business, you have to master both.