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Success stories

Furniture, accessories, textiles and home decor. Tablet with e-commerce website.

Wholesale Distributor - Confidential

Built New Business from $0 to $26M

A leading lighting wholesaler to most US retail chains desired to expand market reach by pursuing new home categories, new channels, and new source countries.


  • Defined challenges, markets, assortments, and sourcing requirements.
  • Refined solutions through feedback (both sales/marketing side and supply side/inventory controls).
  • Scaled new businesses by adapting different processes at different expansion phases.
  • Recruited and launched remote Sherpa team to pursue e-commerce, accessories, textiles and furniture at mass retailers.
  • Collaborated with all levels of corporate team and sourcing agents in multiple countries.


  • Built furniture business from $0 to $26M/year in 3 years.
  • Expanded sourcing base to include $3M of shipments from India, Vietnam, and Indonesia in 2nd year.
  • Launched and led Sherpa team to fuel aggressive business building strategy 2014-2020.