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Can Pro-Business be Anti-Capitalist?

Can Pro-Business be Anti-Capitalist?

In our world of sound-bite politics, slogan marketing and keyword search, we risk oversimplifying (or better stated, not correctly simplifying) just to get suckered into binary yes/no choices between two wrong questions. 

Washington, D.C. may well be the poster child of misleading sound bites that attract wrong questions and dysfunctional chaos - but a closer look at our own lives, our own company or employer will likely uncover helpful examples how rash (or no) analysis, and the ensuing rush toward quick yes/no, for/against decisions can move us down the wrong track. 

Earlier thoughts about "Creativity vs. Innovation" (6/18/11 blog below), and "Winning Hearts and Minds" (building an engine AND fueling a passion for success - 4/23/11 blog below), addressed seemingly binary choices, which suggested either a wrong question in the former, or one better answered with "yes and" instead of "either or" in the latter. 

I don't know Dr. Miron, but found his perspective worth sharing. He got me thinking about the importance of having your answers questioned, and asking unconventional "what if"questions.

  • Is being pro-business and pro-capitalism the same? 
  • Does capitalism generate an unfair distribution of income? 
  • Was capitalism responsible for the most recent financial crisis? 

Miron answers these questions by exposing what he calls three common myths of capitalism.

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7. Jolena wrote:
One thing this video misses is the fact that not all people are privileged enough to have the same opportunities as you, which has nothing to do with how "talented" or not people are. Many people work really hard all their lives, staying productive and nothing ever really pays off simply because they're from a different socio-economic background in a society that is systemically racist, sexist, homophobic etc.

Sat, April 22, 2017 @ 6:18 PM

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