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Success stories

Hamilton County Parks golf course and pro shop
Great Parks of Hamilton County

Coached County Agency on Revenue Growth (without taxation)

Group of seven publicly owned golf courses and pro shops desired to improve merchandising and marketing strategies, and implementstronger staff involvement in serving customers for improved profitability metrics and revenue.


Coached Merchandising Manager and the Golf Pros, developed SWOT analysis, and identified six tactics to drive improvements – a monthly marketing calendar, training programs, incentives, pricing communication, inventory exit strategy, and an internet strategy. Facilitated to plan and deliver training modules, contests, improved pricing, and other communication tools.


  • Deliberate planning of activities (training, events, special purchases, etc.) led to more effective customer interactions. The improved exit strategy led to higher margins and improved turns.
  • Customer conversion exceeded park-wide metrics, resulting in $70,000 (10%) revenue increase.