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Dare the Imposssible - to Achieve the Difficult

Dare the Imposssible - to Achieve the Difficult

You will achieve the difficult easily, only if you dare at times to fail at the impossible...

Of course we won't achieve the extraordinary in one fell swoop, just by daring to look beyond the ordinary. By daring to achieve the impossible we will fail some – but succeed more, succeed at the merely difficult. True in life, true in marketing and true in strategic planning.

Last weekend, our daughters competed in a Tae Kwan Do Tournament. I watched my girls and other martial artists perform unbelievably challenging physical forms and potentially neck breaking movements. One competitor jumped over 7 people before breaking wood in a mid-air foot punch. Equally or even more impressive, my six-year-old sparred with an older and taller girl. All set their sights high and practiced with dogged discipline, and all achieved the difficult. Some failed at the impossible before achieving the difficult.

After a day of competition, we took the girls to our favorite BBQ joint to celebrate both actual trophies, and the heroic attempts to win them. The day’s events and the sign (left) inspired me: “Dare to win. Get back on the horse. Don’t worry about what life throws at you but focus instead on how you’re going to react.” In my mentor Gary Friedman's words (CEO of Restoration Hardware): "CARPE DIEM"

Successful people and profitable companies reach for the extraordinary (and do the ordinary extraordinarily well), and dare to take their lumps. Often it is after facing the impossible that you see clearly, and you learn to clear the way - or (re)ALIGN the path - between your customer and your team.