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Our Team

Dean Francis – Strategist Sherpa, Industrial Markets

I blend real world experience with a strategic process to work closely and effectively with business leaders. I identify growth opportunities, then facilitate planning and action to deliver results.

What’s it like to work with Dean?

  • Value Creator – I pin point where you create value for your customers and how to find, deliver and capture more of it through new products, markets and/or channels.
  • Business Process Oriented – I look deeper for the commercial processes at play and plot a course to a sustainable foundation that outlives the project.
  • Facilitative – I identify and develop company knowledge to create commercial breakthroughs.

I held leadership positions in disciplines of marketing, research and development, product management, distribution and general management at Dow 30 companies such as GE and executive roles at small and medium sized industrial companies.

I will help “connect the dots” to find avenues of profitable growth and work with your team throughout implementation to deliver results.