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Girl meets Boy - A Marketing Lesson?

Girl meets Boy - A Marketing Lesson?

You may enjoy the occasional book about business, leading inspiringly, communicating effectively, and just plain living winningly. I found "Jump Start Your Business Brain" to be one of those books that challenged me to more effectively communicate the benefits of my business (despite them being "obvious" - according to my 11-year-old daughter). If you sell a product or a service, the books' key points will help in your business. 

If its brilliant author were to tone down his obsession with statistically proving the obvious, and replace it with more examples illustrating the effectiveness of his clear idea, he might share an example like the "girl meets boy" video I found below. In fairness, Mr. Hall set out to jump start our brain, and you'll find he accomplishes that mission.

If you ever worked with me and allowed me to help conceive, build and grow new profitable revenue streams for you, chances are you heard me describe effective marketing as analogous to happy dating. Both require self awareness and ability to articulate your DNA (what are my values - or in business what's my unique value proposition), they require authenticity (don't ever deliver a fake "pick-up line" - or in business don't just imitate your competitor), and they require target marketing and the confidence to be different (in dating as in business, a bit of uniqueness and standing out go a long ways to being well remembered and respected).      

This short "girl meets boy" video illustrates both - the book's three key points about how to attract customers and its similarity to happy dating. 

Ana Chia from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

  • OVERT BENEFIT: More than features, you have to communicate "what's in it for me" (WIIFM), and you have to communicate those benefits overtly and obviously. -- In the above video, the girl attracts the boy's interest by letting him know she shares his interest in Tonka trucks - if that isn't a benefit to a little boy (target market), what is?
  • REAL REASON TO BELIEVE: In a world cluttered with messages both true and false, we have to present an overt benefit backed up with real reasons to believe. -- Here, girl convinces boy that she is really interested in his Tonka trucks, and proves it by providing a garage for his toys. 
  • DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE: Alas, providing an overt benefit with real reason to believe is not enough, you also need to be unique and different. -- After you clicked on the short video, you can't tell me she's an average girl. Nope, she's different, she overtly communicates with the boy, and guess what, she gets the boy. 

At the end of the day, in business as in life... know who you are and what you love to do, become better at that than anybody, be yourself and enjoy life (and never stop dating - your spouse, or if single that person you have been curious about). In business never stop refining your unique value proposition and never stop attracting new potential customers. 

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