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Launch Sequence for Intentional Growth

Launch Sequence for Intentional Growth

The road to hell is famously paved with good intentions. If building a new business is essential for your profitable growth, then efforts must be intentional, and focused on the finish line. I use this short launch sequence to deliver ROI when building or sharpening a client's business: vet it, communicate it, test it, then profitably execute it.  

You (and your competitor) are likely considering ideas for building new business. I'm partial to those that strengthen your core and leverage your infrastructure (like adding a new channel, product line, or new geographical market). You can usually build it at a fraction of the cost of outright acquisition, and with much less risk. If you launched it 6 to 12 months ago, you are probably seeing returns now. If you haven't launched it yet, what's holding you back?

Maybe your management team is stretched too thin (even for your core business), to aggressively grow and build a new business. Maybe there is no internal champion to launch the start-up project. Instead of adding or diverting fixed cost, consider a capable, trusted outside (and variable cost) resource, a champion like (re)ALIGN to make it happen. It's my business to build new businesses and sharpen existing ones – I translate your intentions and ideas into additional, and higher ROI than organic growth – at lower risk, and at a lower cost than acquisition.

Regardless of who champions your new start-up business (a team member or trusted outside resource), I recommend a short and simple launch sequence – that I found works:   

  • Vet the business model quickly – kill bad ideas early, and put the money toward innovative ideas that can help you grow profitably.
  • Articulate the winning idea compellingly – like political campaigns, business initiatives must capture the hearts and minds of internal and external customers to gain momentum.
  • Test it – get feedback and recalibrate. If done correctly, this is the best and fastest real world market research.
  • Assign a champion to execute, execute, execute – relentless execution will prevent your new business idea from becoming road kill on the busy highway of your core business. EBITDA, profit, cha-ching has a way of putting a smile on everyone's face.

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