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Our Team

Lynn Provenzano – Merchant & Global Sourcing Sherpa

I understand markets and people. I analyze your business from product presentation to global supply chain, and I develop/execute commercial strategies that maximize your strengths and play on your competitors’ weaknesses. I engage with people and navigate challenges easily by building trust and focusing on win-win outcomes.

What’s it like to work with Lynn?

  • Product development/sourcing expert – skilled at working with merchants across all retail channels to develop successful products and sourcing solutions with global factory partners especially in Asia. 
  • Analyst/organizer – distill, illuminate and present business and product data to contribute to strategic decision-making process.
  • People connector – establish rapport easily and earn the respect of stakeholders quickly.

I make it my business to thoroughly understand yours. I execute solutions that increase your commercial success, and I teach your team how to replicate that success time and again.