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Our Team

Marie O'Reilly - Consumer Experience Innovator, Problem Solver

I understand people and their interactions with people and “things” in different situations and contexts.  I see things and connections differently, and can uncover the key insight to unlock the problem and help you and your business move forward.  This was leveraged most recently at Procter & Gamble, and prior to that at Miller Brewing Company.

Marie O'ReillyWhat it's like to work with Marie?

  • Scientist and Ideator by DNA and academic training - multicultural childhood and early career.  Always thinking about 'why' and not just 'what'.
  • Anthropologist by DNA and work experience - comfortable in any environment, from boardroom and breakfast with Presidents to ethnographic research with moms’ and their babies in the favelas of Brazil, or kitchens of Eastern Europe.

  • Ambiguity, Risk Taker and Change Agent practitioner and guide by DNA and work experience - sought out by key stakeholders to help create and drive change in organizations and new business areas.

My native category is Product and Process Start up Research and Development (R&D).  I spent the formative years in brewery start up and scale up, leading me to consumer understanding, and future experience creation for Front End Innovation Pipelines (FEI). Comfortable in any industry.

The “fuzzier” the problem is, the better.  I combine creativity with pragmatism in my troubleshooting problem solving ('why') of the real issue/problem ('what').  Everything is possible.