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More than Growth: Build the Business

More than Growth: Build the Business

If organic growth is too slow and acquisition too risky and expensive – consider a third and more profitable growth vehicle: hire a start-up entrepreneur with the appropriate skill set to quickly and profitably build a new business for you.

Your business is at risk, unless you’re growing. If you don’t, your competitors will. The right profitable growth rate depends on many factors, but less than double digit growth could create risk. Many say you should grow 20 to 30% per year. That’s often tough to come by with organic growth alone. So Build a New Business.

Recently, a highly successful distributor asked me to build a new business. They are # 1 due to sourcing, product, and distribution excellence, and still growing organically. They are open to acquisitions. Yet, building a new business in new channels and categories offered more diversification than organic growth alone; guaranteed a better strategic fit than acquisition; and allowed scaling the investment (mostly inventory, market research, sourcing, and development costs) during the start-up in a way you can’t scale most acquisition investments.

In addition to sharpening and growing your existing business, building a new business in related channels and categories raises enterprise value. 

Today, this highly successful distributor is even more successful. A start-up entrepreneur focused on building new profitable revenue streams; leveraged infrastructure of the core business (without distracting it); allowed management to focus on profitable growth of its core business; planned, adapted and executed the new business with a sure hand, small resources, and no preconceived notions.

As the start-up entrepreneur for this successful distributor, I am able to develop the power of this third option to organic growth and acquisition – building a new business with (re)ALIGN offers low risk and high ROI for prime retailers and top suppliers.

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