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Market segmentation quadrant for home decor industry

Catalog/eCom Retailer - Confidential

New Brand and National Launch

It was a new brand for a category leader; a US catalogue and e-commerce retailer was ready to launch a first-edition catalogue for a new, high-end, designer-lifestyle, home furnishings brand. The retailer needed to ensure that product, pricing, and branding for future introductions met mission-critical market-positioning targets.

The launch needed to be all about the customer.

The client team was stretched thin, raising concerns about successful execution. There were concerns regarding marketing, product development, and financial, SKU/inventory metrics. Most importantly, there was a need to bring the brand to life — to articulate the brand and provide clarity to the consumer.


(re)ALIGN provided seasoned merchant and marketer, market positioning, and messaging to win consumer’s hearts and minds.

  • Scoped mission critical areas: market, brand, product, marketing, finance, and assortment metrics.
  • Audited and compiled existing client work, then delivered additional building blocks for the new brand.
  • Developed competitive price report and market positioning map.
  • Created customized branding workshops to elicit client marketing input and bring the brand to life.
  • Articulated brand in words and images describing consumer personae — people and personalities, how they live and travel, their lifestyle and cultural influences.
  • Created brand story boards.


  • Provided market foundation to win consumers through cultural alignment and market clarity — winning consumers' hearts and minds.
  • Created marketing and communication building blocks for product designers, visual merchants, digital marketers, and direct-mail professionals, working in different departments, to speak and present in a single brand-voice.