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Nothing to fear - but fear itself

Nothing to fear - but fear itself

I'm inspired when David takes on Goliath. When David is a small business eating a big competitor's lunch, I cheer on the entrepreneur and her clever marketing tactics. I love those stories. 

But they're nothing compared to the story I witnessed over the past two years, culminating in victory last Saturday. 

My 11-year-old daughter was bullied in 2009, unprotected by her (now former) teachers. My then 9-year-old reacted admirably, better than some business people I know: she toughened her mind and body, readied herself with Martial Arts skills almost daily, and faced her bully - in a Tae Kwon Do sparring tournament that rewards fierce and measured strikes that require crucial body part protection. 

She (red helmet, left) did not win the contest against the 3" taller bully. That doesn't matter. She faced her fear, survived, and moved on to win against her nemesis in other categories. She was liberated. Exhilarated. Absolutely on top of the world, for she faced her fear, and she overcame. She spoke of a broken cage when I tucked her in that evening. 

When was the last time you faced your enemy, your big competitor or most debilitating weakness - preparing, practicing, strategizing, and squarely facing him or it, ready to be counted and measured? 

We learn most when we face our weakness, look in the mirror and say: 

"Of all the people that have given me trouble over the years, I had the most trouble with myself."

 Whenever I have done just that, I learned and grew and became stronger. Built a bigger relationship, developed a better business. 

Facing Goliath is tough - whether a fierce competitor or personal weakness. Facing adversity and overcoming fear makes life worthwhile. And it makes your business more valuable

You'll feel on top of the world. As my daughter (sitting, right) did last Saturday, an hour after the sparring match with her former bully. 

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