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Our Expansion Story

reALIGN- an accelerator for mid-size businesses that tethers innovation and execution – was born when a well-established consumer product distributor hit a growth ceiling, and needed a product expert to expand into a new category.

Benno Duenkelsbuehler, reALIGN’s founder, had just sold a partially turned-around wholesale business during 2008/09 financial crisis, and knew how to build a new business that fits inside a business— at a time of market uncertainty.

The client business had a management team with differing ideas on what growth product should be, how to get started, and how to scale production. They wanted to run a business, and build a new business at the same time, using the same resources.

reALIGN placed experienced guides to collaborate across departments while the management team ran the core business. This collaboration was sponsored by ownership and top executives, accountable to specific growth goals.

The guides, a small Sherpa team, built a new furniture business from $0 to $26M in 3 years, then repeated the process with 5 pilot projects that expanded into new channels and new categories, adding a more significant $5M in just the first year.

This became the repeatable process. Other projects included turn-key solutions from research to sample specs/factory matrix with five Sherpas in under a year. reALIGN business Sherpas identified three growth opportunities to double revenues in three years. A Sherpa-based pilot project added 18% growth in the first eight months. This model has proven to be faster than organic growth, and is cheaper and less risky than inorganic acquisitions.

Experienced Sherpas, accountable for execution, can transform your company. Be more relevant in the market place, and be more valuable to your stakeholders.