Build More Profitable Revenue Streams, Faster.

Our Sherpas
worship at both altars

Innovation                             AND Execution

We understand that running a business is different from building a business and expanding its market footprintâ„ .

While you focus on running your business, we'll build a business that fits inside your business, and increases its value.

When you engage us to expand your market footprint - into a new category, a new channel, or by improving your processes - we focus your team's bandwidth on your core, adding bench strength to make your overall enterprise more valuable.

You can count on our team of expansion sherpas to expand your market footprint, faster.

Benno Duenkelsbuehler

Chief Expansion Sherpa & Founder

Clif Valentine

Investment Advisor and Turnaround Sherpa

Tom Ungrodt

Gift and Décor Sherpa

Dean Francis

Strategist Sherpa, Industrial Markets

Rock Robinson

Outsourced VP of Sales Sherpa

Lynn Provenzano

Merchant and Global Sourcing Sherpa

Rick Contino

Global Strategy Sherpa, Consumer Markets

Marie O’Reilly

Consumer Experience Innovator, Problem Solver

Zach Murphy

Customer Acquisition Sherpa