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Success stories

Alligator Purse retail store and merchandise
Alligator Purse Hyde Park

Paved Way to Profitability and New Ownership

Upscale Cincinnati woman’s apparel retailer with absentee owners faced declining revenue, lack of effective inventory/pricing/expense controls, insufficient marketing, resulting in sub-standard profitability.


Coached owners and staff within a few hours per month, created a simple way to oversee and manage inventory, pricing, and monthly expenses that provided visibility to empower the staff to make better decisions, and allowed for additional marketing to top clients through in-store events and personal service.

  • Proposed brand update and store remodel.


  • Stabilized revenues in 2nd year of engagement.
  • Dramatically improved profitability, adding $0.15 of profit for every $1.00 in revenue.
  • New brand and store concept was adopted by new owners.