Build More Profitable Revenue Streams, Faster.


The Why, What, Where, and How of reALIGN

Start with WHY

  • It's difficult to run a business, and build a new business at the same time, using the same resources.
  • We supply capable capacity to build a business that fits inside your business.
  • We execute to make your business more valuable, faster - without distracting from your core business.


  • We are the go-to people for owners and executives of mid-size businesses seeking help to expand market footprint, and to become more valuable.


  • We tether innovation to execution to expand a client's market footprint and become more relevant.
  • We attract the best talent (Sherpas) who can innovate and execute to transform your business. We are like-minded entrepreneurs and experts, with know-how and determination to ensure bottom-line execution.


  • Authenticity... we believe being true to ourselves leads to integrity, and trust. Besides, authenticity has a nicer ring than 'brutal honesty', which incidentally we value just a tad more than diplomacy.
  • Brand... we believe in brand, as in “compelling promise, delivered.” Great brands are true to themselves, so yes, expect us to think of and push for ways to strengthen your brand.
  • Collaboration…means at times we gladly put our convictions on the backburner to listen to yours, with the aim to come up with something better than both.
  • Diversity... it’s part of who we are. We believe in diversity of opinion, but unanimity of execution. Diverse teams perform better.
  • Embrace Change... why fight it? It’s part of life. And part of being an Expansion Sherpa.