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(re)cognition for
Leadership Results

Commitment, leadership, courage, vision - more than words, but actions and my way to approach business. Colleagues and clients over the years agree.

 “... I believe in the process...proved...cost effective growth of millions of dollars...”

“I believe in Benno's process. He proved it with my former company by researching, sourcing for and developing a market plan for new product categories. His ability to accomplish this without distracting the sales and marketing efforts for the other product categories while simultaneously providing transparency and continuous communication with the rest of the management team produced cost effective growth of millions of dollars for our company.”

Don Harmon - CEO (ret.) of Jimco / THDC (Arkansas) - 2016 

“... insightful... made me a better leader...”

“I strongly recommend Benno, a dynamic and insightful business leader. His experiences as a CEO, and for me in particular his experience leading Product Development teams has been very helpful in my role as CEO of Lazy Susan USA. Working with Benno has made me a better and smarter leader.”

David Moses - CEO of Lazy Susan USA (New York City) - 2010 

“... vision, analytical skills, high level of...”

“Benno is a strong leader with great consumer insights, strategic vision, analytical skills and a high level of integrity. Benno worked as a merchandising consultant for our company in 2004, and I would strongly recommend him with no reservations. I also worked with him in his capacity as CEO of New Creative Enterprises when he marketed that company during the sale process...and he was a consummate professional...”

Mark Schwartz - CEO of Specialty Merchandising Corporation (California) - 2009

“... unique combination of talents... leads by example...”

“Benno brings a very unique combination of talents to a company, marrying creative merchant skills with solid business acumen...the company was in desperate need of a seismic product makeover which Benno directed, bringing out the talents of a diverse team to produce award winning, highly saleable product... a CEO with an exceptional left brain, right brain blend...”

Tom Bowles - Board Member and CEO of DCI Holding Company (Ohio) - worked with Benno 2005 - 2008

“... challenged the status quo... Benno helped us to find solutions through collaboration and open communication...”--- “...high energy leader who motivates to improve and grow the business...great understanding of the market...brings out the best in everyone....”--- “...has a way of making you look for creative solutions to problem solve...” --- “...leads by example and understands what it takes to strategically brand a business...”--- “...visionary skills helped transform our company...”

from several quotes of NCE's Executive Management Team (Ohio) - worked for Benno 2005 - 2009

“... uncanny sense of business environment...”

“Benno is a high-energy motivator with an uncanny sense of his business environment - of people, in development of product, and in marketing that product to the consumer... A winning formula for team-building and business success.”

Anita Soos - Supplier for Exposures Catalog (Wisconsin) - worked with Benno's team 2002 - 2003

“Creative, analytical, driven, problem solving are all words I use to describe Benno...he is able to create an enjoyable and succesful environment.” --- “...incredibly motivating... thorough understanding of consumer goods retailing... he structured the business in such an intelligent and non-traditional way that we were able to successfully launch the business with only a few employees dedicated to the project”

Sheila Howell and Bev Dantz - Website Team at $200M Home Textile Distributor (California) - 2004

“... tremendous marketing and merchandising ability...”

“...effective communication skills that focus on bottom line objectives. I was extremely impressed with his ability to never compromise his core values for short term gains. He is a true professional with tremendous marketing and merchandising ability.”

Bruce Feaster - colleague / VP of Operations at Casa Rustica (Texas) - 1998 - 2001