Build More Profitable Revenue Streams, Faster.

Building your business
IS our business

Our cross-functional process crafts thriving new businesses that fit inside our clients' companies. Product launches, market expansions, and process improvements grow business faster and cheaper. It's the lower risk solution to expand market footprint.

Our Expertise

  • Market Footprint Expansion 
  • Competitive Intelligence and Market Research
  • Innovation, Product Design and Development
  • Strategic Marketing and Channel Pursuit
  • Global Sourcing and Production
  • Sales Management and Sales Tools
  • Operational Expansion and Process Improvement

Our process improves assortments, deepens supply chain access, sharpens marketing collateral. We expand businesses into new categories and provide market insights and brand frameworks. We open new retail and B2B segments, new geographic markets, and new e-commerce opportunities.

Our Approach

  • Define It – we research your market and internal capabilities to validate big bet growth opportunities, define the project goals and start building the strategy. We always focus on your core strengths to build a business that "fits" and contributes significantly to your bottom line.
  • Refine It – we test the plan and refine it through sales team- and customer feedback in a smart launch sequence of tests and roll-out. “It’s not the plan, it’s the planning” that drives alignment and buy-in. We do the heavy lifting required to speed up and reach revenue milestones.
  • Scale It / Fast Execution – as we reach or surpass revenue milestones, we build processes and routines and bring in your line managers to help scale the new growing business and incorporate it into your existing operational infrastructure.

Your Benefits

  • Faster Go-To-Market Results – our approach reduces costs, eliminates the risk of going it alone and raises project ROI. A billion-dollar idea ignored, or poorly executed without a champion rallying its cause, will not result in increased company valuations. (re)ALIGN ensures faster go-to-market results, visible in your financial statements.
  • Higher Profitability – we identify strengths to leverage your existing infrastructure and culture, which increases internal buy-in, speed to market, and profitability. We build significant improvements to your bottom line, typically at the rate of $5 to $15 in shareholder value for every $1 in fees.
  • Expanded Market Footprint℠ and Sales Growth – we develop strategy and tools that are easily executed, with your team or ours rolling out profitable revenue events quickly and cost effectively.