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Your Business, on Fire!

Your Business, on Fire!

You’ve been there. You were in the store, on a website or in a service establishment, and the product, how they present it, the attitude, the colors, how employees talked to you, the music, signage – all of it, rational and emotional – were spot on.

The Apple store is busy every time I walk by. J.Crew employees are perkier than my Preppy Handbook instructed them to be. Starbucks got their (CEO’s) groove back, and 2010 sales were up 10% (that's almost one billion bucks) over last year. Zappos Shoes? On fire. I’m not just talking about big players. My local car mechanic has more business than he knows what to do with, because he loves cars, knows how to fix them, and at a fair price. My local Martial Arts school (with a Master who's is incredibly passionate about teaching), is adding more members and more classes.

Why are these businesses on fire? Passionate execution. I believe in strategic planning – but in addition to – never instead of passionate execution. Without Apple's apostles at the Genius Bar, would the iPad have ended up in the junkpile of failed products? Without the baristas, would we pay $3.25 for a $0.25 cup of coffee? Passionate execution can set your business on fire. Share your passion with us (and your employees), so we can believe in your business. If you believe in your ideas, set them on fire.

Do what you love, do it with conviction, passion, and become better at it than anyone else, and your business will be on fire. Find the value and "lil' extra" you and only you can offer your customers and get them excited. Imagine your business on fire, and make it so.

P.S.: In the Lehman bankruptcy fall of 2008, I guided a PE-owned company through Ch. 11 and sold it far above the owners' expectation. The country appeared to be in the midst of financial Armageddon. Starting a company like (re)ALIGN was not an obvious strategy, but I knew I could create value for every client. I have renewed coaching and interim management agreements with my retailers and suppliers – that build and sharpen my clients’ business – ever since, multiple times.

Strategy. Passionate execution. Combustion.  

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