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Our Team

Zach Murphy - Customer Acquisition Sherpa

I am fascinated by the abilities people bring to their industry. I believe people are good at what they do, they just struggle to demonstrate why others need their expertise. I help organizations be better at themselves.

Zach MurphyWhat's it like to work with Zach?

  • Always pursuing your why – Customers don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Products are a commodity. Solutions are a point of differentiation. If you exist to solve your customers’ problems you’ll be in business a very long time.
  • Focused on your goals – All you really want is more customers. I show you the most efficient way to reach your target customer base to grow your business. The fastest way to revenue is a loyal customer.
  • Measure twice, cut once – I help you outline the path your prospect takes from being a stranger to becoming your customer so that you can see where gaps exist and your priorities lie. We eliminate the roadblocks to create a seamless journey.

I cut my teeth in the advertising agency world, where I grew frustrated with the lack of focus on results for clients. Agencies can do good work but they don’t focus enough on connecting their activity to your revenue. This taught me to focus on the client’s goal and reverse engineer the best path to reach it. 

I bridge the gap between marketing and sales to create a seamless process to turn strangers into customers. The lines have become very blurred amongst advertising, marketing, sales and business development. I’m focused on customer acquisition. I connect your activity to revenue goals.